Watch a top T-shirt designer at work in Illustrator

At Creative Bloq we're big fans of Glenn Jones’s highly imaginative designs, which take inspiration from a wide variety of sources including animals, sport and films. And if you're looking for an insight into a top creative's process, you could do worse than check out his videos, which condense the illustration process in Adobe Illustrator CC of every T-shirt design he has ever created to three minutes. Check out the example above, and you can check out the rest here.

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Born in New Zealand, Jones started out in packaging and graphic design but became a T-shirt designer back in 2004 for online store Threadless and quickly became one of their most popular contributors. From there he set up his own store which initially featured 20 T-shirt designs.

He's since gone on to feature over 100 designs available in T-shirts, iphone cases, wallpapers and much more. His work has also recently been featured on Penguin book covers and Budweiser bottles.

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